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Monday, February 28, 2011

Project Blue Beam

Project Blue Beam is Holographic Imaging.It has been used as war tactics, used in concerts,used by the CIA to hold conferences and tested out on local communities by the government, to see how well, people respond to it.Here's some Videos explaining in detail what Project Blue Beam is,How its been used against People in Iraq,as well as in the USA and an Anime Holographic Concert for your entertainment.Its time to wake up people!!
Blue Beam Project - Genesis 6:2 Nephilim

Project Blue Beam Madness

Project Blue Beam Documentary part 2
Posted By AutoActionCam

VOCALOID - Promise [Live Concert Realtime Hologram]
Posted by otakixus (shows how real this is)

(check out this site)
David Openheimer
What is the Blue Beam Project?


AlienAstronomer Website

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