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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Introduction to The Last ECHO Movement

Where are our DREAMS? The love we have for one another, seems to be Slowly Dying off!! Our Youth! The Birds,Fish,Oceans,Wild Life! Our WORLD! We Need YOU! The time has come for us to Awaken to the true knowledge of ourselves.Out of the Darkness comes forth Light.-Men,Women,Little Ones,Wake Up!!! Our Ancestors died for THIS?!?
Our Kids dying in Wars when our Struggle is Here, AT HOME! SAY NO MORE Negative Energy,No More Killing our own Kind!...Someone out there Must Care?And Join in the Redevelopment and Restructuring of our Communities,starting at home with our own Kids.

Can I ask ALL the Gangs Members In the Urban Communities to STOP the Violence and band together with their People and Help us,our communities and our children before its too late and Martial Law is at our front door??!!
If we are to FIGHT let it be for whats right for once?! If we are to Argue let it be for a better Community!! Think of how many our black children is lost and killed without a care to the world.How come we don't own ANYTHING of our own? Land?Stores?Banks?Houses?Schools?
 We are the First and Original Race, from us all others came to be. Isn't it time Black People of America that we fulfill the promise of prophecy and be restored to our rightful positions and GET OUT of the Ghetto?!?! All those who are ready for change..Join,subscribe and help Me,help us, to help them, for us all.

The Awakening Process has started Globally,worldwide people are waking up to the truth and demanding A Positive Change.For us,our children's-children and our society as a whole.Will you ALL Unite with Me and others of like minds,to put an END to the suffering of the of the Urban and poor Minority communities?

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