The last Echo Blog

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hey everyone out there on Blogspot. It's Me ;) Echo writing you all, once again. I know it's been a while since i've written from my perspective of things going on in the world like I use too last year sometime. However, we all goes through our Tribulations and Test to bring us closer to Divine Perfection, utilizing the power of Wisdom and Experience. It's funny how most of us go through our time in this existence thinking "This Is Living Life" however, if we are all subjected to "Death" in the end, this "life" we are currently living is only temporary. Obviously. We are all aware of this, my point! Ok, lets begin.
Have you ever been going through the process of your day, everythings fine and normal, then maybe one of your favorite artist, uses gestures that dispict lucifer to be higher than God and your original thought it somewhat unsettling, deep within your spirit that leads you to decipher the "Exact meaning" unknowingly, however on the flip side of the coin, another side of you "isnt uncomfortable" and is able to continue on knowing all is given free will to do as they desire, personally speaking, yet the more time that passes by with accepting such nature of this person, now whats being expressed isnt so bad and you often find yourself unknowingly ok with it in a sense, realizing their's a battle going on inside of you whence where you stand, on this side or that, or even if you just being in the middle?
Well, we surely are in the middle of this war going on and people are taking sides expressing who they are in alliance with. Both have followers, leaders, warriors, servants and messengers.
I dont desire to ask anyone which side they are on, for it's known. At least in the sense of the parties in control of the war, and the subjects who fight under the same banner, as they. Even if you feel as if your in the middle not picking any side to fight under. Then im sure their's a vast multitude of others, just like you! Who shall be in the middle of the Cannons, exchange in rapid fire, as the Zombies being posessed by all spirits that seek a body to inhabit to achieve a will that you had no stance in. Especially if your just in the middle! Nevertheless of where you stand, we all seem to share a mutural international/galactic fight with forces we can only imagine, while some view it as Hocus Pocus. Which still proves, something is most definately going on!
Here's a video updating alot of those who may not understand where we are currently in the world in relating to Prophecy!

I do hope that video has opened the eyes of some of my fans/ friends here. I do care for all of you, and your families, wishing the time thats arrived, to come so the Will of our Creator with the here-after can be manifested for our families, after the birthing pains of our planet and what's among us now. For some of you who dont desire long videos, listen to this by Lil wayne his latest song.
Heres a 6 minute video update regarding the President and his visit to the Holy Land. Plz watch and comment
The times we are in people, we must wake up! Before its too late!