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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dangers of Fluoride and Aluminum

The use of Fluoride is dangerous and very harmful.
We mostly consume fluoride,found in toothpaste and drinking water.It's even been used as war tatics in 3rd world countires.
We learned that fluoride is a poison that accumulates in our bones. It has been associated with cancer in young males; osteoporosis; reduced I.Q.; and hip fractures in the elderly, to name a few. George Orwell would have been dazzled by the promotion of this toxic by dental and public health officials and concurrently, the avoidance of this issue by the environmental community. We think it has a lot to do with the sordid 50-year history of the promotion of fluoridation by the U.S. Department of Public Health and the American Dental Association. Rather than acknowledge the accumulating evidence of fluoride's threat to human health, they have en-trenched themselves in a position that has produced tactics that include the harassment of scientists and dentists who speak out."

Known Causes:
* Genuvalgum (knock knee)
* Genuvarum (bow leg)
* Cretinism
* Low IQ Human Skeletal Muscle Structure
* Rickets
* Non-ulcer dyspepsia (stomach problems / irritable bowel syndrome)
* Polyuria (tendency to urinate more frequently)
* Polydipsia (excessive thirst)
* Anemia (low hemoglobin)
* Muscle weakness
* Extreme Fatigue

* Loss of calcium from the teeth.
* Pitting and perforations with chipping off the teeth.
* Discolouration of teeth with varying shades – white, yellow, brown to black seen horizontally aligned / or as spots away from the gum on the enamel surface, is classical Dental Fluorosis.
* Exposure to fluoride need to be avoided from the stage of tooth germ eruption i.e. 6 weeks of intra-uterine life to 6 years of age. This is extremely crucial as the child is bound to develop Dental Fluorosis, if care is not exercised.
* It is also equally important to up-date all concerned on "Dental Caries" which is yet another problem of the teeth which is caused by bacteria breeding in unhygienic oral environment and producing acids.

                            Acid Raid caused By Fluoride
A Few  facts about Acid Rain and Fluoride.

1.In Acidified Water, Most Aluminum is Bound with Fluoride (and Vice Versa)
2.Acid Rain Increases the Availability/Toxicity of Fluoride to Plants
3.Acid rain has been documented to cause widespread damage to both fish and vegetation.
According to conventional wisdom, acid rain causes adverse environmental effects by increasing the acidity of both water and soils, thereby potentiating the toxicity of certain metals, particularly aluminum. Thus, it's not the acidity per se, but the enhanced toxicity of aluminum within the acidic medium, that causes the harm to both fish and vegetation.
4.Fluoroaluminum complexes have been shown in the present study to be toxic to root elongation, but sulfatoaluminum species appear to have little or no toxicity."
    SOURCE: Kinrade, TB. (1996). Reconsidering the rhizotoxicity of hydroxyl, sulfate, and fluoride complexes of aluminum. Agricultural Research Service. United States Department of Agriculture. Approved date: August 14, 1996.

So what can we do? Limited the consumption of fluoride.Monitor you children's teeth brushing and check labels to see if it contains "Fluoride or Aliminum". Band together and fight for clean safe water.

Contaminated water in America:

Dangers of Aluminum
The use of aluminum cooking utensils is widespread--as is speculation that they pose health dangers to consumers. Those dangers, however, are reduced when aluminum cooking utensils are not exposed to excessive heat or used for storage purposes. The longer foods remain in aluminum cooking utensils, the more aluminum is absorbed into those foods. Also, absorption of aluminum occurs at a higher rate with acidic foods or leafy vegetables, which are best prepared in non-aluminum cooking vessels.

  • Links have been made between Alzheimer's Disease and large deposits of aluminum in the brain,which researchers suggest can form after long-term use of aluminum cooking utensils.
  • Aluminum is also considered a poison that can be life-threatening if found in large quantities in the body. Misconceptions.
  • One of the dangers of the above-mentioned improper uses of aluminum cooking utensils is aluminum poisoning, which can cause gastrointestinal problems, anemia, colic, headaches, memory loss, bone softening and speech difficulties.
So, what can we do to prevent aluminum toxicity from happening to ourselves and our families?

1. Eat a diet that is high in fiber and includes apple pectin.
2. Use stainless steel, glass, or iron cookware. Stainless steel is the best choice.
3. Beware of any product containing aluminum or dihydroxyaluminum.
4. A hair analysis can be used to determine levels of aluminum in the body.
5. Research has shown that the longer you cook food in aluminum pots, the more they corrode, and the more aluminum is absorbed into the food and hence into the body. Aluminum is more readily dissolved by acid forming foods, such as coffee, cheese, meat, black and green tea, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, turnips, spinach and radishes.
6. Acid rain leeches aluminum out of the soil and into drinking water