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Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Months Features

Global Awareness

  • Dangers of Fluoride and Aluminum
  • Black Moors and the USA Constitution
  • Modern Symbols,Meaning and Origin
  • Project Blue Beam,Alien Disclosure & Maitreya A.K.A Raj Patel and His "Day of Declaration"Global Worldwide Finds,Discoveries, RARE occurances And Updates.
  • From Echo**
Entertainment Industry
  • Message to Celebrities In America from Echo on behalf of the Urban Community.
  • Political Leaders

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    1. I am impressed at what I read and I do agree WE do need to come together as a community as one and quit the killing of our OWN kind. It's time for people to WAKE-UP before its too late, for the time of choosing is among us NOW.