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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did you know we have Pyramids In America?

Pyramids In America!

The earthworks of the lower Mississippi were centers of life long before the Europeans arrived in America, as was the river itself. The alluvial soil of its banks yielded a bounty of beans, squash, and corn to foster burgeoning communities. Over the Mississippi's waters, from near and far, came prized pearls, copper, and mica.

Did you know we have Pyramids in America? Most people are aware of the Pyramids in Egypt but little to no talk is mentioned regarding the ones here at home. I always loved History Class,listening with great anticipation to learn something of my history and origins.Yes, I had superb teachings of America's History and remember quite well the journey ahead of the Puritans and Pilgrims from Europe where they had to escape execution and persecution in their land.Yet what I don't understand is why was our history robbed?And how come The US population has never heard of The Pyramids in Illinois,Wisconsin nor Lousiana in the heart of where Hurricane Katrina Struck, as well as the Mississippi.Did you know that was actually "Poverty Point" in Louisiana was actually a Pyramid Structure?

Poverty Point combines mounds with an aspect of ancient Rome ­ an amphitheater. Consisting of concentric ridges 5-10 feet high and 150 wide, the construction has a diameter of 3Ž4 of a mile, five times the diameter of the Colosseum in Rome. The ridges were built with 530,000 cubic yards of earth (over 35 times the cubic amount of the Great Pyramid of Gaza). Of the earth mounds, one has a base of 700 feet by 800 feet and is 70 feet high. It is shaped like a bird.The Mississippian culture is well known for using platform mounds as a central aspect of their overarching religious beliefs. Mississippian platform mounds are usually four-sided truncated pyramids, steeply sided, with steps built of wooden logs ascending one side.
Documented uses for Mississippian platform mounds include semi-public chief’s house platforms, public temple platforms, mortuary platforms, charnal house platforms, earth lodge/town house platforms, residence platforms, square ground and rotunda platforms, and dance platforms
UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The "Moors" (black morrish negros and indians) & Myths Surrounding The Slavery Holocaust 2 by:

1. Khufu (Cheops), the "Great Pyramid" at Giza, Egypt, 449'/136.8m
2. Chefren's Pyramid (for Khafra), the second pyramid at Giza, Egypt, 447'/136.2m
3. Teotihuaccan, on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, 357'/108.8m
4. Luxor Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 347'/105.7m
5. Red Pyramid (aka North Pyramid) at Dahshur, Egypt, 344'/104.8m
6. Bent Pyramid of Snefru at Dahshur, Egypt, 343'/104.5m
7. Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN, USA, 321'/97.8m
8. Snefru's Pyramid at Meidum, Egypt, 302'/92.0m
9. Tikal, Peten Peninsula, Guatemala, 230'/70.1m
10. Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus), the third pyramid at Giza, Egypt, 218'/66.4m

Golden Pyramid House

Wadsworth, Illinois
"The largest 24-karat gold-plated object ever created" is the private home of a rich Armenian garage builder and his family.

The Golden Pyramid reports it is no longer conducting tours of the lavish private
pyramid home, a 17,000 square ft. 6-story structure containing a replica of King Tut's tomb.

The walled property also features a triple-pyramid garage and a great 64 ft. tall statue of Ramses,but it doesn't appear to be open to the public any longer.

37921 Dilleys Rd., Wadsworth, IL
W. of 41,E. of 74 L on Wadworth Rd. on Dilly Rd/Mill Creek Rd., North of School Stearms Rd

There are around 752,252 Pyramids in the world as of 11/9/09 and more updated: If there are 196 Countries in the world and over750,000 Pyramids,why aren't they used today or known of? Why would the entire world work collectively as a whole to build this Pyramids structures up till 100 yrs ago? Western Conolization and The Reconstruction!!! Not all Pyramids were used for burial like we hear so often in History Class.Some Pyramids been reported to be StarGates,Teleportation devices aswell as used for AstroProjection.Pyramids are a Nautral Source of Energy thats triggered by the Electromagetic Fields within our bodies.Majority of the Pyramids built were located in the Towns Center, like our Modern Downtown. Once The settlers came (Pilgrims and Puritans) they used "Negros" and other Minorities to build Roads,Homes and Even The White House In Washington D.C. Some of The Pyramids i shown were built by Native Americans with Clay and Dirt and Most no longer exist.How did this come to be? I think we already know how the "Negro" restructured America to what it is today.Another Great Topic of intrests is when the settlers came to America (before slavery) their were Egyptian Scrolls,African Sculptures in the posession of Native Americans brought here by Black settlers  called Morrish and they didnt arrive by ship. (Check the USA Constition for the treaty America have with the Black Morrish,i shall also provide links to documents and youtube videos to back up data) So seeing the Morrish didnt arrive on ship then it proves the first Blacks werent brought here by Slavery and used teleportation devices to travel. So what does this have to do with "The Present"? Everything! Once America took the land from the Native Americans and started reconolizing America, they moved the cities from the Pyramid Power Source and Installed Power Lines.Which explains how we came to be in PowerLine Communities(HAARP) aswell as to why we have thousands of Undiscovered Pyramids in our own back yard,thats NOT spoken of in the Current School System.

Star Gates ;) used for Teleportation

Its time to wake up People in America and All of the world. Especially my black youth.Its of great joy have have a (First) Black President in the White House.But lets not Forget,we've been Queens,Pharoahs ,Great Leaders,with profound Techonology Wayyy Before our Journey here to the Americas.Even the sciencetist must dig back in Africa to find their Origins becuase it started with us.How did we lose our Position in the World?How come we're taught little to nothing of ourselves in the American School System?Its clear they dont want us to know.But that dosent mean we must lie in a coffin made for us,when we're promised the Future...Dont help anymore with the Genocide of our Race..Regardless of what evil, may dwells admist of your shadows, keep your mind focused on the Light, for dark things tend to be back bitting rouges, lurking in he midst of a shadow seeing who, he may devour.GIVE THEM NO POWER,NO FEAR,and if all else fails Try Saying Boo back? ~Smiles~

The Lost Pyramids of Wisconsin 9 part Video by neteraset9


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